Cactus extract and NXT phase Lime Blend together with the NXT Phase mixture of vitamins and amino acids will boost your body and mind. NXT Phase Lime gives a strong dose of energy and a mental boost characterized by mental alertness and a clear mind. Discover the super natural powers of NXT Phase Lime during a long night of partying.

Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, l-tyrosine, l-fenylalaline, l-glutamine, l-pyroglutamine, cactus extract and a NXT-Phase Lime Blend (an unknown mixture of herbal extracts).

3-4 capsules.

Duration of effects:
4 hours.

8 capsules.

NXT PHASE LIME supernatural power

NXT Phase Lime, stimulant

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